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Driver’s License Reinstatement
If your Michigan Driver’s License is revoked, when eligible, you may appeal the revocation to the Drivers License Appeal Division within the Michigan Department of State. The appeal begins by submitting specific documents which includes the Request for Hearing and Substance Abuse Evaluation form. This form and other related information can be found at the following web address:,1607,7-127-1627_8665---,00.html                                              

The Request for Hearing and Substance Abuse Evaluation form should be completed by someone with the proper credentials and expertise in the areas that are addressed in the form. The accuracy and completeness of the form is a key component to being on your way to having your driving privileges restored.

The time you will spend with the person completing your evaluation includes the following:

    • A discussion of what supporting documentation is required by the Drivers License Appeal Division such as notarized letters that support your history of problems with substances, your driving habits and your current preparedness to return to driving;
    • A review of a copy of your Michigan driving record that you will supply;
    • A discussion of what you have done and are doing that supports your continued sobriety;
    • A referral to a local laboratory to participate in the required Drivers License Appeal Division;
    • A discussion about the option of hiring an Attorney to assist you in the appeal process.   

To make an appointment or inquire about the evaluation process and fee, please call 734.453.5603.

To schedule an appointment call 734.453.5603. 
Appointments usually can be scheduled within 24-48 hours, if requested. 

     Located in the PMC Center    |    42189 Ann Arbor Road    |    Plymouth, MI  48170          




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